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Things To Establish Before They Start Installing Your Wooden Fence

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Having a wooden fence installed on your property can be life-changing. You'll have a little more privacy, and you may even be able to let your dog outside without constantly having to supervise them. However, wooden fences come in many different shapes and sizes, and each fence installation company also has their own approach. As such, it is really important that you clear up a few things and make sure you and your installer are on the same page about them before your installation date arrives.

What side will the rails be on?

Wood fences usually consist of vertical posts, which are placed in the ground, and horizontal rails, which are attached to those vertical posts. The rails can be placed on either side of the vertical posts. Make sure your installer knows what side you want them on. Usually, people put the rails on the outside of the fence so the nicer side of the fence is facing their neighbors' property. However, this is mostly a courtesy, and you can have the rails placed on the other side if desired.

Will the installers use stone or concrete to set the posts?

Your fence posts will either need to be set in stone or concrete to keep them stable in the ground. Setting them in stone is a lot cheaper and easier. However, posts set in concrete last longer because the concrete protects the posts from moisture in the soil. If you are not sure what option you want to go with, ask your fence installer for quotes for both options. Often, having a clear idea of the cost will make it easier to make your decision.

Will the wood be finished?

Usually, fence installers install fencing made from raw wood. They do not finish it. Or, if they finish the fencing, they will do so a year or so from now after the wood has had time to age and dry out. Sometimes, however, fence installers do use pre-finished wood to make a fence. This will save you work later on, but it costs more. Establish whether the wood used for your fence will be finished or not before your installation date arrives.

If you talk to your fencing contractor about the topics above prior to your appointment, you will have a better idea of what to expect during installation. Plus, you're more likely to get the exact fence you want. 

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