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Patio Rock Products For Your Home Landscaping Project

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When it comes time to choose rock product for your patio landscaping project, it's important to be familiar with your options. There are many different types of patio rock available. Some of the rock product is ideal for borders, while other type of rock product is better suited for walkways. 

In most instances, you will want to purchase a mixture of rocks so that you can customize your outdoor patio area to your liking. Below is a review of some of the more common types of patio rock products and how each is best used.

Gravel Type Patio Rock Product

If you are designing an outdoor walkway or a driveway near your patio, then gravel is the best option. It's durable, affordable, and will easily spread out for your walkway design. Crushed gravel comes in different sizes, so you can choose the one that works best with your personal design choices.

Once you lay a weed barrier underneath the gravel pathway, then there is very little maintenance required.

Large Rocks for Patio Walkways

Another option to consider for your patio walkway is large rocks. These can be used to create a border edge for the smaller stonework. The large rocks can be used to help define the edges of the pathway. Many people prefer the all-natural look of a rock path. So, instead of using plastic edgers, you can use large patio rocks to guide the gravel path.

Smooth Patio Rock Products for Paths

Some people prefer to use smooth rocks for walking paths. These are especially good for people who want to be able to walk barefoot on their path.

If the path from your patio leads to a pool, for instance, you might opt for a smooth-style rock. These have been tumbled in rock polishers to remove any rough edges. They make an excellent product to use on a path. Unlike cedar mulch, which is sometimes used for walking paths, smooth rock does not break down or need to be replaced.

Brick Chips for Red Color

Another option for patio rocks is brick chips. These can be used for people who like the bright color of brick, but don't want to lay a brick patio down. When you are using brick chips, you can set large flagstone or pavers on top of the chips to create a walkable area. Brick chips are also perfect for arid environments where you want to avoid watering grass.

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