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Tile Roof Cleaning: What Homeowners Should Know

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When most homeowners think about tile roofing care, they think about addressing damage, such as broken or missing tiles, and routine inspections for prevention. However, one thing many homeowners don't think about is the importance of keeping their tile roof clean. Here's a look at a few of the many reasons why you should call a local roofing contractor for tile roof cleaning at least once every couple of years.

Roof Longevity

Perhaps the most important reason to have your tile roof cleaned regularly is the longevity that it provides to the roof. When you allow dirt, debris, and other contaminants to stay on your roofing tiles, those things can contribute to premature deterioration of the tiles. This can lead to early roof failure and costly repairs. Cleaning your tile roof at least once every couple of years will help to ensure that the dirt and contaminants don't accumulate to a level where they can cause the tile surface to decay. 

Curb Appeal

It's no secret that streaked, stained, discolored roofing tiles just don't look like a nice, clean, well-cared-for roof. Especially for those homeowners who put effort into landscaping, flower beds, and home appearance, keeping your tile roof clean should be a part of that routine. Frequent tile roof cleanings will help to keep your roof looking vibrant and like-new, as well as preventing staining and discoloration of the tiles from dirt, mildew, and moss.

Climate Control

Your tile roof is crafted with a surface coating that helps to reflect sunlight away from your house. When that surface is covered in dirt and debris, it can't reflect that light as effectively. This leads to more heat being absorbed by the tiles and passing into your home through thermal transfer.

If you want to reduce your climate control costs and minimize your use of air conditioning throughout the summer months, work with a roofing contractor to have your tile roof cleaned regularly. This will protect that reflective coating and keep your home cooler.

These are a few of the many reasons why you should clean your tile roof regularly. Talk with your roofing contractor about the options for cleaning, and look for a cleaning solution that's gentle so that you don't damage the tiles. Your roofing contractor should use a soft cleaning process, which uses moderate water pressure and a gentle detergent to keep the tiles clean. This eliminates the risk of cracking and damage from high-pressure water spray.

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