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Important Services to Hand off to a Residential Roofing Contractor

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As a homeowner, you may find it easy to handle simple home improvement tasks. However, major projects like repairing or maintaining the roof can fall outside of your skillset. Rather than try to take care of this important fixture on your own, you can hire a licensed and well-trained contractor for the job. A residential roofing contractor can handle the following critical maintenance and repair rooftop projects.

1. Replacing Lost Shingles

During stormy weather, your roof can easily lose shingles. Shingles made of less sturdy materials like vinyl or asphalt can easily become loosened and fly off during high winds and heavy rains.

After the storm passes, you must then replace these shingles to restore your roof's integrity and appearance. Rather than climb up on the roof to put on new ones yourself, you can hire a residential roofing contractor for the job. The contractor can put on new shingles to make your roof look intact, function better, and maintain your home's value.

2. Replacing Your Roof

When your existing roof no longer serves the purpose, it can be time for you to replace it. Replacing a roof calls for in-depth skills that many homeowners lack. You may have no idea of how to tack down tar paper, line up and nail down shingles, and put on flashing around the chimney and gutters.

However, a residential roofing contractor does know how to complete these and many other projects involved in replacing a roof. He or she can take off the old materials, lay new tar paper and insulation, and put on a new roof consisting of materials that you choose.

3. Fixing Small Damages

Finally, a residential roofing contractor can handle fixing small damages on your rooftop. Some damages, like small holes and cracks, may not warrant having your entire rooftop replaced. Instead, it is faster and less expensive to have them repaired. A residential roofing contractor can patch holes to prevent water and air from getting inside your home. He or she can also caulk cracks and tears to keep your shingles and tar paper intact and serviceable.

A residential roofing contractor can provide these and other valuable services to your home. He or she can replace lost shingles on your roof. This contractor can also take off old materials and put on a brand new one. Likewise, this contractor can fix minor damages to save you time and money.