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No Room for a Hot Tub? It's Time to Excavate

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Having a hot tub at your home will provide you with an escape from your everyday life—a bit of stress-relief at the end of another hectic day. Unfortunately, not every piece of property is set up to allow for enough space to add a hot tub to your yard. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you get the hot tub that you want without losing the little bit of yard that you have.

Excavate to Level some Land

If your property is sloped, it can be hard to add the things that you want—things like swing sets, swimming pools, trampolines, and hot tubs can only be set up on level ground. Instead of struggling to find the space for your hot tub and other things, you can have the land excavated to create more level spaces that are actually usable.

Once the land is excavated, you'll have to choose some sort of a retaining wall to hold the soil in place. This retaining wall can serve multiple purposes. You can have planting boxes built into the design that'll allow you to plant flowers, fruits, and veggies, or even spices. Another possibility is adding seating into the design. If you're limited on space, having the retaining wall serve multiple purposes will help make the small space more enjoyable for larger groups.

Gas or Electric

Do you want a hot tub that is heated using gas or electric? Since you're getting the excavating done, having some piping run to connect the gas line to the hot tub will not be much of an issue. The ground will be softer and you'll be able to dig the trench that you'll need to run the line. Or, you can include the installation of the gas line in the plans for the excavation crew to take care of. In some cases, you'll be able to get that line run for very little extra cost.

If you're opting for electric, make sure that you've considered the increase in your electricity bill each month. Not only will the hot tub require the electricity to heat the water, but it will also need electricity to run the jets, lights, and other features of the unit. Chances are, gas will save you on the cost of heating the water.

For more information, call an excavation service, such as Tri County Construction. Professionals will provide you with all of the information that you'll need to decide if it's time to level your yard to make it more adaptable for outdoor living and entertaining.