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3 Surprising Signs Of Foundation Issues

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Your foundation is not only important for your home's look – it is also important for your home's construction and stability. Over time, it is natural for the foundation to settle slightly, which can affect your home in minor ways. However, excessive settling, settling in an abnormal manner, or a foundation that was installed improperly can lead to serious foundation issues that affect your home and finances. Here are a few surprising signs your foundation is in distress.


Cracking in the foundation may be an obvious sign of an issue, but different types of cracks can mean different types of problems.

For example, a vertical crack in your foundation may indicate damage the footing. This should only be an issue if there are multiple vertical cracks in your foundation.

A horizontal crack in the foundation may indicate a freeze/thaw issue, affecting the underlying soil. As temperatures warm up, the cracks will remain because the frozen precipitation has started to melt, but the damage to the concrete foundation has already been done.

A diagonal crack in the foundation that has a stair-step pattern is a bigger cause for concern. This indicates severe damage in the foundation, increasing the risk of the entire foundation collapsing. If you notice a diagonal crack, contact a foundation repair specialist immediately.

Interior Damage

Most people are surprise to learn that foundation issues can cause interior problems in the house.

As the foundation shifts, parts of the home's interior will shift.

You may notice floors are warping, cabinet doors and drawers are not lining up properly, and regular doors will not close evenly. Drywall may seem to bulge, trim may separate from walls and around doors, and windows may struggle to open and close.

High Moisture

High levels of moisture in the home and foundation are not a good sign, either. Not only does moisture affect the actual foundation's construction, but it can also affect the indoor air quality of your home. High levels of moisture lead to allergy issues and mold growth in addition to different types of damage to the home.

Puddling around the foundation and flooding in the crawlspace are a definite issue to address. Make sure the soil/yard around your home is excavated properly, ensuring water/moisture flows away from the home and not towards the actual foundation.

Your foundation requires proper understanding and care. If you are noticing one or more of these signs, contact a foundation repair professional for a complete inspection.