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Why Offer Heating And Cooling Installation To Your Customers?

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As a construction company, you provide many services to your customers. You build homes from the ground up, you rebuild and renovate properties, and you design some exterior modifications such as decks, patios, and porches. You can further enhance your client base and keep your customers more satisfied by also offering heating and cooling installation for your customers.

You usually outsource this type of work to an HVAC specialist, but this is work you can do on your own by hiring an HVAC specialist to work for your company or by undergoing the proper training to do installations yourself. Here are reasons to offer this service to your clients.

You become more versatile as a builder

Many people want to hire as few contractors as possible for their builds, either because they don't want to have a lot of people to pay and manage during construction or because they worry having too many contractors with different skills can slow down the building process. When you offer more services for your clients, such as heating and cooling installation — something every single building design needs in order to be functional — you become a more versatile construction company, which can lead to more clients and satisfied customers.

You get involved in a repeat service

As a general contractor, much of the work you do is a one-time thing, only. Your customers likely won't use your services again if all they needed you for was a single renovation or startup build. This means you have to constantly put your company out there to locate new clients, since you don't have repeat services.

However, when you do heating and installation services, you create a new type of connection with your customers. Heaters will need to be inspected prior to the winter season, and air conditioning units will need to be winterized. Ducts and vents will need to be cleaned periodically. These are all services your construction company can provide to keep your crews busy, especially during the colder seasons when you are likely not doing as much work as usual.

You can specialize in just heating or cooling services, although it's wise to choose both. You can give your customers a great additional service that will be appreciated and help make construction projects get completed sooner when you add heating and cooling installation to the things you do for your customers. Research what you need to do to be able to provide this service to your clients.