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The Dos And Don'ts For Choosing Residential Replacement Windows

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If your home's windows are old and drafty, then replacing them will make your home look better and will save you a lot of money on heating and cooling costs. If you have never shopped for replacement windows before and aren't exactly sure what to look for, then here are some dos and don'ts to get you started.

Do: Opt for Internal Grids

If you want your new windows to look like they are made of smaller panes of glass, then you have the option of having grids added. However, rather than external grids that make cleaning the windows a lot more challenging, instead, opt for internal grids. With the grids safely sealed inside of the glass, they won't get dusty and they won't be in the way when you want to clean the windows.

Don't: Put Grids in Large Windows or Those With a View

If you plan to purchase replacement windows with grids in them, you should make exceptions for any large windows or those with a view. Large picture windows should have unobstructed views, and the grids will be distracting to look through.

Do: Ensure the Window's Hardware Matches Your Decor

When looking at windows, make sure that their hardware will fit in with your home's decor and that the window locks are complementary to your light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and cabinet hardware. For example, if your kitchen hardware is all brushed nickel and you buy windows with shiny gold-colored hardware, then the windows won't match and will stick out.

Do: Buy Replacement Windows with a Robust Warranty

Since your replacement windows may eventually leak or have issues with their gas seals, it is important to choose windows with a robust manufacturer warranty. At a minimum, the warranty should cover the windows for a long length of time and cover the frame, sash, and insulating glass.

Important Note: Not only is it important to buy windows with a warranty, but you also need to register your purchase with the manufacturer. By filling out the registration card, you create an ownership record with the manufacturer. This means requests for a warranty service will be a lot easier.

Don't: Never Have Residential Windows Replaced by Anyone Who Isn't Licensed or Certified

When you have your home's windows replaced, you must use a licensed and certified installer, such as Leger Siding. In fact, most window manufacturers will void their warranty if the windows aren't professionally installed.