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Four Advantages Of Wood Roofing

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Wood is a classic roofing material that has a number of distinctive benefits associated with it. Most wooden roofing can be broadly divided into two categories: shingles and shakes. Shingles are shaped much like traditional asphalt shingles are. In contrast, shakes, are thicker and have a rougher edge to them that give them a more natural or rustic appearance. Both wooden shakes and shingles offer similar benefits to your home. Understanding what some of those advantages are can help you decide if a wooden roof is the best bet for your home.

Insulation Value

One of the key benefits associated with wooden roofing materials is the fact that they are highly resistant to transferring heat. This means that they will do a better job of protecting the interior of your home from the outdoor temperature; they will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This can help keep your heating and cooling costs lower throughout the year, helping to pay back the cost of having a new roof installed in the first place.

Durability and Weight

Another benefit of wooden roofing materials is their heavier weight in comparison to asphalt shingles. While this will make installation a little more labor intensive, it also means that wooden roofs are highly durable and able to withstand physical damage. Falling debris, like branches and hail, is less likely to puncture your roof and create a space for water to leak in. Furthermore, their weight makes it unlikely that heavy winds will lift up or tear off individual shingles. Shakes offer slightly more durability and wind resistance, simply by virtue of being thicker and thus heavier than wooden shingles.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

An additional thing to note about wooden roofing materials is that they can be sourced from sustainably harvested and planted trees. This means that you can reduce the overall environmental impact of your new roof by choosing environmentally-sound building materials.

Natural Appearance

Finally, the last thing that you should take into consideration when thinking about installing a new wooden roof is the natural aesthetic that they create in the exterior of your home. A wooden roof can blend into the natural surroundings of your home in a manner that alternative roofing materials cannot replicate, it and can also be stained in a wide range of different shades and colors to create a specific design if you so choose.

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