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Three Places In Your Home Where Masonry Repair May Be Needed

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Masonry is not exactly a topic homeowners think about often. In fact, there is a very good chance you do not really think about it at all. If you do, it is probably in reference to brick walls and not much else. However, when it comes down to masonry repair, you might be surprised at all of the areas in your home where a masonry contractor would be needed. The following show just where a masonry contractor would be most needed in terms of repair.

Chimney (Used or Not)

A chimney should be maintained, even if it is no longer in use. A chimney is made of bricks, which is exactly the kind of work that most masons do. If you have a chimney, you should have a mason go up to the roof and check on it. If there are loose bricks or parts chipping away the mason can fix it before it becomes a dangerous problem. Additionally, if your chimney is still attached to a fireplace in your home, and you actually use the fireplace, you should definitely have your chimney checked out and repaired.

Brick Walls

If your home is actually made of brick, you have even more reason to have a mason check out cracks, loose bricks, and crumbling foundations. Major repairs to a brick house are made by a masonry contractor. It is rare that any other sort of contractor performs these repairs. The mason has the expertise to fix even the most difficult and damaged of brick walls on your home.


Foundations can crack over time. Patching them can be done by either a concrete contractor or a mason. You can choose between these two particular professionals to get the work done. If you have a more unique foundation comprised of old fieldstone or river stone because your home is that old, restoration should be performed by the masonry contractor instead of the concrete contractor.

Finding a Mason

Masons go by a couple of different professional titles. You may find an experienced mason working under the "general contractor" title. You may also find a mason working as either a mason or a masonry contractor. Finally, some masons advertise their services under concrete work, even though they are more skilled than a concrete contractor at repairing buildings made of brick and/or stone. Always ask any of these contractors what their skills are when it comes to repairing masonry.

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