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3 Ways Your Home And Business Can Be Damaged By Water

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Many people find out the hard way that their homeowner's policy doesn't routinely cover water and flood damage. Small business owners are frequently just as surprised to learn that without a commercial flood insurance rider, any water damage that occurs won't be covered.

Because a lot of people don't live in flood zones, they simply skip this coverage to save money. While it may be costly to add a rider to both residential and commercial policies, not having them can be even more expensive. Here is a look at three non-flood related ways your home or business can be damaged by water.

1. The Plumbing System Fails

Your plumbing system has lots of components. It has gaskets, tubes, and a network of pipes that connect throughout your home or place of business. You have faucets, supply lines, and water heaters, and any one of them can leak. In your residence, you may notice a leak sooner rather than later. However, in your business, a leak that happens after-hours or on the weekend can do a lot of damage before it is discovered.

2. The Toilet(s) Backup

Toilets can backup and overflow for a lot of reasons. It may be a toddler attempts to flush one of their toys. People try to flush diapers or other sanitary goods in the toilets at your place of business. Tree roots can also get in the way of a toilet functioning properly and lead to the system backing up. Plumbing vents can become blocked, creating a pressure vacuum. Septic tank pumps can stop working.

3. The Washing Machine

Washing machines that are used in businesses, such as a restaurant or a gym, commonly overflow. In situations where the employees are responsible for washing the towels and other linens, they typically aren't as careful about making sure they don't overload the machine. They just want to get the laundry done. A home washing machine can easily overflow as well. When machines are overloaded, it can cause things to go haywire. The rubber hoses can crack, or the gaskets can fail, allowing water to pour out unencumbered.

Thankfully, if you do end up with a home or business that ends up with a plumbing, sewer, or water mishap, you can call a water damage restoration service to take care of the mess for you. They will be able to remove the water, get everything dry, and recommend necessary repairs.