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Own An Office? 3 Common Plumbing Issues To Be Aware Of

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If you own an office, it does not matter if you have one or 50 employees there will be plumbing problems. Knowing the common plumbing issues, however, can help you take steps early to get them repaired before things become much worse. Below you will find information on three common plumbing problems, so you will know what to do.

1. Problems With Water Temperature and Pressure

If you turn on the water faucet in the bathroom and the water is not the right temperature, such as too cold or too hot, there is likely a problem with the water heater. Resetting the water heater may repair this problem or the water heater may need to be replaced.

If you turn on the faucet and have low water pressure, the problem is likely a blocked aerator. The aerator is found on the tip of the water faucet. It is easy to remove as it screws on and off. Unscrew the aerator and look at it. You will see a screen that is covering some parts. If the screen looks dirty, you will need to clean the aerator. When cleaned put it back on the faucet and check the water pressure.

2. Frequent Clogs

If you are having frequent clogs in the bathroom, such as in the sink and toilets, then you may have a much larger plumbing problem than you know. For example, if you do not share your waste management system with other commercial properties close to you, there are likely problems with the pump. For example, you need the septic tank pumped by a professional. This needs to be done periodically, such as every two to three years. This does depend on how many employees you have.

3. Bad Odors

If your employees complain that they smell a bad odor in the bathroom, then there is likely a water leak in the bathroom. This is because the water leakage is likely coming from the sewer. In a case like this, you will need to hire a commercial plumber to clean the sewer system for you. They will also repair the problem causing the leak.

If you ignore this problem, the water leak will become much worse causing more problems that will cost more to repair. Mold will also grow in the wet areas, which can also cause a bad smell. Mold spores will get into the air, and your employees will breathe in these spores. This can cause respiratory issues, especially if any of your workers have asthma or another type of breathing problem.

Hire a commercial plumbing company like Associated Mechanical Services Co to take care of these issues for you if you cannot resolve them on your own.