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Ceiling Discoloration & Roof Problems

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Are you planning to repaint the ceiling in your house because it has been turning yellow? You might want to pinpoint the cause of the problem before investing in paint and supplies, as you can end up having the same problem again. Discolored ceilings often point to there being a serious problem wrong with the roof, especially if the discoloration covers a large area. Resolving the root cause of the discoloration problem might require that a new roof is constructed unless the damage is isolated to a single area of the roof deck. You will learn more about roof problems and repairs by continuing to read this article.

A Hole Is Possibly in the Roof Deck

There can be something as minor as a small hole in the roof deck that is causing water to leak into your house. The small amounts of water may have been accumulating for a long time and creating a substantial amount of humidity in your house. Keep in mind that humidity actually creates moisture that can cause damage in the same way that rainwater does. If it is found that there is only a small roof deck hole causing the problem with your ceiling, a roofer can likely patch it up. You can then move forward with repainting the ceiling without worrying about discoloration becoming a problem anytime soon.

Roofing Materials Are Badly Damaged

If the roof deck is damaged in any way, it usually means that there is a problem with the materials that are attached to it as well. The materials are actually used as a means for creating a barrier between the deck and outside elements. For instance, shingles can make it difficult for water to sit on the roof deck when it rains. However, if the shingles are damaged, loose, or missing, rainwater can easily make it to the deck and begin causing it to deteriorate. You can find out if the roofing materials are in need of attention by inspecting them on your own or simply hire a roofer to do it.

The Roof Deck Is Possibly Covered in Mold

If your roof deck is covered in mold, it isn't likely that a simple repair will resolve the problems with the ceiling in your house. The best thing to do when mold is an issue is to get a new deck constructed. A severely molded deck can cause the roof to be unstable and capable of caving in on your entire household.

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