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4 Reasons Independent Construction Contractors Should Consider Joining A Union

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Joining a union can often come with benefits that can help you and your business grow. Here is a look at why you might want to consider bringing your construction business under the fold of an applicable union by contacting an HVAC contractor union recruitment specialist.

1. More Work Opportunities

A major benefit of joining a union is the ability to find more work. Finding work isn't always easy for independent contractors in the construction fields. Many unions have developed relationships with specific industries, communities, businesses, and government entities. These places often have work for union members or only deal with union contractors in general.

Even if there's no relationship between a place and a union, some businesses will still only work with contractors who are part of a reputable union. In this way, a union can offer job security and more opportunities to find work.

2. Consistently Higher Pay Rates for Work

An independent contractor will often find themselves at the mercy of price changes due to market fluctuations. What someone will pay you for your services today, they may not want to pay tomorrow. By contrast, unions often set pay rates based on negotiations, rather than on market swings.

You can find union work that pays at rates typically higher than you can ask for yourself independently. The rate of pay isn't always better, but it's more consistent and reliable. Even if you can make more on your own, you'll have to ask if you can pick up consistent work at that rate as well.

3. Retirement, Medical, and Other Benefits

Union membership can sometimes come with access to many types of benefit packages. The membership dues you pay and the time you spend as a member can give you medical, dental, and other healthcare coverage options.

You can also receive a pension or other retirement package. Offered benefits will vary depending on the union you join. Nevertheless, finding a union with some or all these benefits can make the dues more than worth it.

4. Access to Trade Specific Resources

Your local trade union will give you access to many more resources to help you and your business. For example, the union can help with contracts, contacts, legal advice, and insurance. A union is a collective; you will have access to others in your industry who can help you with projects and information.

Joining a union as an independent contractor isn't for everybody. However, you should certainly look at what your local unions and trade groups can offer you and your business.